A flow is like an Photoshop action or Illustrator action or similar to the Shortcut app on iOS.



A flow holds all the commands that you want to be executed.
You can trigger it and it will execute all commands that it holds.


Create a flow

Open the flow tab.
Click the plus icon on the right.

Trigger/start a flow

Each flow has a play button. Click it and the flow will be started.
Also, you can run a flow when you are editing it (in the detail view).

Open a flow (to add commands)

Right side: open to edit it. The detail view will open. Here you will add your commands.

Rename, duplicate, delete

Hover over it and some options apppears

  • Rename: give it a new name
  • Duplicate: create a copy of a flow
  • Delete: delete a flow (there will be a confirmation prompt before removing it)

Change order

You can change the order by drag and drop.
Just click and drag a flow and drop it where you want it to be.

After a successful installation:

  • Start Illustrator again.
  • Create a new document or open an existing one.
  • In the top menu go to Window > Extensions > Omata.
  • There you have it, OMATA.


If you have trouble with the installation let us know: support@omata.io