An experimental plugin that combines the power of ChatGPT with Adobe Illustrator.

OMATA UI screenshot

Let me assist you

Experience a new way to work with Adobe Illustrator



Ask OMATA AI to assist you in your daily tasks. Generating shapes, arranging elements, creating 100 color variations, or renaming layers with incrementing index numbers.

Screenshot of OMATA AI interface


For every prompt OMATA will answer with an Illustrator script. Inspect the code, edit it, and run it on the spot.

Named variables are making it easy to adjust and experiment with different values. Hit „Run“ and immidiately get results (no new request to ChatGPT needed).

Screenshot of OMATA AI interface

The Power of Prompts

We aim to build a collection of prompts that will empower and inspire you in your work. Let’s explore and uncover new possibilities together.


Generate 100 rectangles with a size of 20 x 20 pixels. Arrange them in a grid with 10 columns. Gap of 2 pixels.


Rename all layers to “frame_” and add an index number starting from 3 counting up.


Arrange selected objects in a circular layout with a diameter of 400 pixels.


Arrange selected objects as a spiral starting from the center of the document. The spiral should wind at least 3 times.


Get each fill color of selected objects and put them in swatches and use the hex value as the name. Put all swatches in a swatch group named “my greens”.

Random pick

Select 3 items randomly and invert their fill color.


Generate 100 unique variations of green. We only need variations of green. Red and blue values are 0. Pick randomly colors from the greens and apply them to selected objects. If there are no selected items, tell me.


Current selection: for each object set a random opacity value between 17 and 79.


Generate 50 shades of green and apply them randomly to the current selection. If there are no selected items, tell me.

Please share your prompts with us
We plan to make them available in the plugin and online.
Feel free to share on Twitter (#omata)

Get it now

OMATA AI is a plugin for Adobe Illustrator 2022 and 2023 (Mac and Windows). Please check requirements below.

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Credit cards and Paypal accepted. Purchasing is processed via Lemonsqueezy. If you have any questions on licensing and purchasing please contact us:


What does experimental mean?

OMATA AI has ChatGPT under the hood. This is pretty new technology. Keep in mind that it can occasionally deliver unexpected results or not produce any at all. Enjoy the surprises!

What are the risks?

Due to ChatGPT’s immense popularity, server response may sometimes be slow or unavailable. Consequently, Illustrator may experience crashes. ChatGPT-generated responses have the potential to modify or remove existing artwork in open documents and, although unlikely, could delete files. We make every effort to prevent such incidents, but caution is advised.

What are the requirements?

To get started you need to do two things:
#1. you’ll need an API Key from OpenAI
#2. You need to add a payment method to your OpenAI account.
We have written a quick guide about how to get an API key.

While signing up for an account is free, it’s important to know that using the ChatGPT API does come with a cost. This depends on your usage. You are getting free credits for signing up automatically. Check your usage balance here.

OMATA AI works with Adobe Illustrator 2022, 2023, and 2024 (Mac and Windows).

What else?

Have fun and please share your prompts!
Lets find out together what works and what not.
Provide feedback and we will shape the future of design tools.