Arrange Objects and Layers

Arranger is a plugin for Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Adobe XD.

How It Works


Circle Layout

Arrange objects in clockwise or counterclockwise order. Define start and end angle to create arc layouts. Let objects point to the center of the circle. Or point away from it. Or point left or right.

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Grid Layout

Control the „Randomness“ that creates the underlying data set. It ranges from zero (produces geometric forms) to very chaotic (produces organic results).

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Wave Layout

Choose from 35 color presets (Brewer palettes). Mix them with your own color assets. Every element is colored randomly or as a gradient over all elements.

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NEW: Honeycomb Layout

Create a complex layout in seconds. Arrange your objects and layers in a symmetric or asymmetric honeycomb order. 

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