OMATA is a plugin for Adobe Illustrator

Program Your Design.
Without Code.

Build your own tools to automate design. Create generative designs, randomized assets, flexible visual systems.

As long as OMATA is in Beta you can get a lifetime license for free. After installation just open the Settings tab in the plugin.

OMATA is Your Sidekick

OMATA runs directly in Illustrator. It is your companion. Create a flow based on your current selection, continue by hand, run another flow.


Build your own Toolbox

Build complex flows or just little helpers. Program with a drag’n’drop designer-friendly UI.


Randomize (almost) anything

Properties have several modes like random, steps or “pick from a list”. This enables very flexible and dynamic creations.


Native objects

Everything you create with Omata are native Illustrator paths and objects. Pick it up, modify it, combine it with your other creations.

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Arrange your objects into circles, grids, waves and honeycomb layouts.


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