Delaunoi is available as a free plugin for Adobe XD.
Installation and a playground file to get started ->



Color options are the same for points, triangles and cells. So this information here stands for all three of them.

Fill and stroke have their own color sets. Each set consists of single colors. 
  • Clicking the presets icon opens a dialog where you can choose from 35 color palettes.
  • Color palettes are based on the well designed Brewer Colors (more here and here).
  • You can create a new set for each chosen palette or you can add them to your existing set.
Edit each color / color from Assets panel
  • Click on a color swatch and the popup menu lets you insert a hex color value. Below you can choose from your own colors from the Assets panel.
  • You can also use the HTML color names, like red, green, blue, black etc.
Color Mode

Three options are available: random, linear, radial.

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