Xray is available as a free plugin for Adobe XD.
Installation and a playground file to get started

What is the „Edit Context“?


The Adobe XD API does not allow plugins to select objects in certain conditions. These are if the desired objects are out of „Edit Context“.

Where you click or interact there is the Edit Context. If you have selected an object inside a group than any plugin can’t select objects outside of this group.


What is the problem?

When you try to select an object via Xray (clicking „select all“ or on a layer in Xray) sometimes you get this alert „Out of Edit Context“ than you experience the problem: Xray is not allowed to select it for you.


  1. Click outside of the group on the Artboard around the group or the Pasteboard (the grey base area where everything lives). And then in Xray try it again. Since you set the Edit Context outside Xray can select it for you.
  2. Search for the object (objects) in the layers panel. At the top of it there is a search field. Enter the layer name and search for it. Naming layers helps here a lot 🙂


What else?

Plugins are not allowed to select inside these, too:

  • Components: everything inside a Component is not reachable.
  • Repeat Grids: anything that is inside a Repeat Grid can’t be selected through plugins.




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