Xray is available as a free plugin for Adobe XD.
Installation and a playground file to get started

How to use Xray

How it works

1. Scan

Select some objects or Artboards that you want to inspect and press „Scan“.
If you press „Scan“ with no selection than the whole document will be scanned.


2. Results

Xray will show you the scan results ordered by object types (Artboards, General (properties), Rectangles, Ellipses, etc.).

Each of them has several properties. All your scanned objects are sorted by properties and values (e.g. width, fill color, visible etc). An indicator shows you how many different values it has found. This helps you to scan for possible inconsistencies.
If you want to check if all rectangles have the same corner radius and you have several values here than there are differences. Open the values, select them (check this first) and adjust the values for all objects at once.

If you want to select all object of a value than „select all“ helps you with that. Hover over the value and „Select all“ will be presented for you.

Please read about „Edit Context“ when you select objects via Xray.


Change font family for several objects in one step.

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