Automate your design

– without coding

OMATA is a plugin that lets you generate and transform hundreds of objects. Create endless variations. Or just get repetitive tasks done with a click.

Over 40.000 people installed and used plugins by Omata.


A new way to work with your design tool

With a simple UI Omata lets you visually „program“ Adobe Illustrator. From a set of commands define the rules and let Illustrator work for you. No coding skills required.


Build your own little (and big) helpers and automate repeating and repetitive tasks.

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Use random mode to create endless variations of a theme. Find the balance between static and variable elements.

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Mass manipulation

Manually arranging hundreds of objects is pain. With Omata it is simple to produce artworks and patterns with hundreds of items.



Programming by
dragging’ n’ dropping

Use commands via drag’ n’ drop to build a “flow”. Omata executes the flow and tells Illustrator what to do.

This no-code approach makes it easy to build simple and complex artworks in just minutes.

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Randomize (almost) anything

Modes are your new secret superpowers. For any property you can choose from several modes like Random, Steps or “Pick from a list”. It is simple to create variations with random values for positions (and sizes and opacity and colors …).

Learn how to use modes


Your wish are our commands

With nearly 50 commands you can achieve what you are dreaming of in your creative brain. Create layers, shapes, group them together, arrange as grid, change opacity. And because there are never enough commands new ones are added constantly.

Learn more about commands

Native paths

Everything you create with Omata are native Illustrator paths and objects. Pick it up, change it, mix it with your manual artwork.


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Create even more dynamic flows with variables. Use the so-called handlebar notation to use them in input fields: {{variable-name}}.


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Math formulas

You know Math? Use formulas instead of a single value. Even more powerful with variables.


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Quick start with templates

Import from a list of template flows. Learn and build from there. More coming soon.


Pay once, use forever. Future major upgrades may require a paid upgrade.

Omata is a plugin for Adobe Illustrator.
Supported versions are 2021, 2022, 2023 (both Mac and Windows). Download and install via Adobe Exchange.

Credit cards and Paypal accepted.
Purchasing is processed via Lemonsqueezy.

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  • No license needed (just start)
  • All commands included
  • Limited to 1 flow



  • 1 license
  • All commands included
  • Unlimited number of flows

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50% introductory discount

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